Destination Yachting Retreats in the Virgin Islands

Yachting Retreats specializes in providing planning services for retreats, seminars, and corporate events.

Are you looking for the ideal setting for your:

  • Corporate Executive Seminar
  • Master Class
  • Spiritual or Yoga Retreat
  • Women’s Retreat
  • Health Retreat
  • Wine Pairing and Tasting
  • Foodie Focus
  • Couple’s Retreat

Picture yourself and your group feeling the ocean breeze, surrounded by pristine islands and turquoise water, swimming with turtles among the coral reefs, playing on water toys, and having a personal chef create the cuisine that delights you, as your captain effortlessly glides you to the next beautiful island destination.

Yachting Retreats will arrange and customize your ultimate destination retreat in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Why settle for one destination when your private crewed yacht can take you to multiple jewel like islands with plenty of down time for play and deepening your retreat experience.

Whether you are a retreat leader looking for the experience of a lifetime for your group, or a group looking for a yacht offering life changing retreats, we at Yachting Retreats can match you up with the ideal yacht and crew.

Let us customize your retreat by finding the perfect yacht and crew for your needs and budget. Yachting Retreats Broker services are complimentary for you and your guests.