It is time.  You are ready to bring your tribe for a destination yoga retreat on an all inclusive yacht in the Virgin Islands, absolutely free for you, or you and your partner.

By making the choice to team up with me planning a destination workshop on a yacht, you will effortlessly be able to showcase your magnificence in what you have to teach with excellent support in the planning and booking phase, a perfect match on a luxurious yacht, and the crew that complements you in your offering.   All of the logistics of playtime, downtime and fabulous gourmet meals with signature beverages will be taken care of by your yacht’s crew allowing you to also to luxuriate in the feeling of being in paradise on your own personal and intimate floating island.  Your yoga retreat will truly be a bucket-list experience for all of your participants and you!

Contact me today by email or phone so we can discuss the logistics of how to make this a reality.

Adrienne Thomason:  561-283-2570 or WhatsApp 203-804-1209