Adrienne Thomason

Adrienne Thomason is uniquely qualified to match seminar and retreat leaders with the most ideal yacht and crew in the Virgin Islands.

As the owner of Yachting Retreats, Adrienne meticulously inspects the yachts and interviews the crews to make sure they have the sensibilities and qualifications to meet clients’ specific needs and requests.

Attentive and Responsible

Delivering on the client’s vision for the retreat is paramount in planning the ideal experience for our clients and their guests.

Adrienne oversees the yacht retreat from first contact until the final guest steps off of the boat to ensure client satisfaction.

Charter Broker Costs

Yachting Retreat services are complimentary to charter and retreat guests.

Inquiries are confidential and private and will not be shared with third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason.

About Adrienne

As a boater, Adrienne is a Coast Guard Licensed Boat Captain, an experienced sailor, and an American Sailing Association Sailing Instructor. She has worked with brilliant mentors in the area of personal empowerment and has first hand knowledge of the power of life changing retreats. On the business side, she has been self employed for much of her life with business melding health care and wellness with a body, mind, and spirit approach. Women’s health and empowerment have been the amongst her passions. 

When contemplating offering Women’s Retreats on her personal yacht, it became clear that there  was a void in the industry of brokers that specialized in connecting retreat clients with private yachts. Through this journey, Yachting Retreats was launched. Following her heart and desire to live in paradise, she lives in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean with the islands and the beautiful waters being her playground, allowing her the personal knowledge of the islands.

Contact Adrienne –  Phone:  1-203-804-1209   Email: adrienne@yachtingretreats.com